rest in peace

two and half seconds ago- our shared breaths collided, and an explosion from the afterlife rang my ears like a nightmare arriving on my doorstep I stared at my grief in silence, it holds the punctured walls of this room together the roof hangs itself everyday, with every laugh of you as the eulogy- incomplete apologies knock on my door. the architecture seems to be … Continue reading rest in peace

To you #1

To Kirtika, I’d pluck down words from the inside of my chest, to weave you a garland of mixed scents of sweetness. I’ll shout from rooftops in mixed memories of metaphors and mosaics, of what a masterpiece you are. I’ll tell you, of how your eyes are kaleidoscope, beauty and bounty blossomed together in the lap of creation. If I could, and God I try, … Continue reading To you #1


white satin hugs my shoulders, I’m a little valley of rain, as I stand up to revolt. tiny armies of assault creeping up on my back, filming my flimsiness into tiny paper hearts. storms ebbing on my earlobe, i drench myself in the biology of design. i’m the ecstasy of role reversal, of a sky full of braiding rainbows. brick by brick, i encircle myself; … Continue reading Anatomy

5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

#NaPoWriMo #Day3 you’re a concrete jungle of turbulence. when refugees knock on your chambers, give them the red light. you’re not a martyr of impending doom. don’t masquerade yourself into a reality of revenge, it’s a cyclic dimension of chaotic devils. much as your shape, you’re highly misrepresented. remember, we’re whole generations fighting for our voices being stamped out of oblivion. don’t hush yourself into … Continue reading 5 Tips for a Healthy Heart