But what are words, other than a compound of emotions stitched through time?

The hamlet of my world, that houses my imagination and belief is inexpressibly grateful to Shakespeare, who years behind me, must have crafted these words into a tale with words such, that brushed the currents of my heart and stirred something that had an everlasting effect on my mind.

Young and impressionable as I am, the wonder of words has made me its slave since I can remember. In the fifteen autumns of my life, this source of beauty has never missed to mesmerize me with its sheer power over ourselves. It is a portal of pain, passion and pleasure that has captivated me and breathed a new life in my meaningless days.

So as I start my journey of knitting MY words into something that whispers of my wanderings, of the thoughts I keep in the treasure chest of my mind, I hope you too start to understand the sorcery of words that have encircled me as my girth.

I am the girth,

I am the circle that strives to be completed,

I wander into my intricacies, the simplicities that bring me to life,

I climb the mountain of magic, fearless with pride.


4 thoughts on “THE GIRTH BIRTH

  1. Your way of writing is so clean, clear and creative. First posts are rarely so innovative. Never lose your spark. Absolutely, with all the brightness in me, love it.

    Liked by 2 people

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