the blizzard of beauty

My world has been shifting into a new phase of magnificence since my mind allows me to remember. And though I’ve met a lot of people who’ve left an indelible expression on me, none is more beautiful and beautiful and beautiful than Srishti, who is a piece of mind blowing creation. Every time I look at her, I wonder God’s power of moulding someone so good. Here’s to you Srishti, thanks for making my universe so beautiful. 

The words you say, that behold an ocean of warmth and wisdom,

The ripples you create in the heart of this wandering soul.

You peek at the world with me,

And watch the layers inside me unfold.


Perfection carved out on a piece of character.

You challenge the unseen and unconventional

Many seek you to demolish their demons

And you tell them that there’s nothing like demons, but only fallen angels


The ghost of your laughter,

It shreds my troubles and tears my tears away.

The echoes of your tales and talk

Restore within me the serenity to swim in the turbulent world;

They walk beside me everyday. 

Who are you?

You’re the blizzard of beauty that wrecks the tornado of my troubles away. 

 The Girth bows to you, the creation. 




3 thoughts on “the blizzard of beauty

  1. The creation bows to you, the Girth, for you are the one at the top if my mountain, you are the pieces I take with me after all my wanderings. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me, and for always being there when I’m losing it. You are all my colours in one, at full brightness.

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