It glanced at my back, and targeting me in his infinite charades, tracked me, as I fell into the haze of its muted pandemonium. The wind swallowed my rage, as it chained my hands into freedom. Caressing the roots of my fingertips, it beckoned me forward into rampant days of ongoing deliriums. Oh, I staggered into the void of emptying reality, just as it caught my hair and dragged me, yet, along its endless shades. As I scrambled for words to reveal my concealed truths, as I whispered my screams, it ran its hand over my tangled worries and with a hint of smirk; said, ‘you are me. you are free, rage along your colours’ I nodded yes, and it wandered around me like a vertigo I was halfway into and then, it was all history, as I took flight.


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