P #4 Poetry

the thunder is hiding somewhere,

my beats voiced,

i searched the sky,

only to find gloomy forsaken clouds streaming the sky

begging me to shape them along my flaky fantasy

or sing them a song or two 

of the rain they romance

i smiled and closed my eyes

i asked the sounds of those viral whispers again,

can i do what i want,

can i jump in puddles of purity,

that reflect my tides

can i resurrect the oceans

that used to flood my shores regularly

can i strive

to be worthy of those little droplets

that crowd the smirking sky

can i drink down that thirst

of repentance

and sink in those rivers of turbulence

that has depth greater than my shallows

can i carve an ark out of the trees that circle the pale shore

and sail onto the unknown

can i let the breeze make me  undone

and let me guide home

the raging roar of the sky hinted

of the same,

as the voice tearfully accepted my brimming wishes,


then and there, falling from the tearful sky,

the drop of delirium swam its way through my heart.





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