Behold you

Behold you, rationalized from the retina of raging fireflies of embossed nights. 

Behold you, painted from the brushstrokes of dusk which falls on the creases in between your pillows as you leap from universes on the thin strands of fantasy that is made of your steely words.

Behold you, the way of your charisma peeking through the effervescent glory of your laughter which multiplies into the dialect of roaming vagabonds spread in the woods of history.


Behold you, shoved in the middle of silence as the walls close upon you, the testament of time sizing you up, as you blaze up the frozen wounds of masked essence into the power ball of fury you encompass.


Behold you, the nature of your tides, a fistful of your smile enough to wake the ignorance of the possessed crowd.


Behold you, the blues of your blessings, the murmuring of your elapsing mercy, the love of your lullabies collecting me.


Behold you, oh you, whose name only isn’t my cozy shelter of stormy days,

But whose particles sing my name when I’m on the verge of collapsing.


Behold you, oh you, the one who I can hold on to.

Behold you, oh you, who makes my circle whole. 


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