The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

Hello everyone! Pysch 101 is a psychology oriented blog by an awesome friend, Srishti, which provides a very deep understanding about psychology and mental health. Do visit it and drop your views on this excellent initiative!

Psych 101

In a period of life where we have ample resources and scarce time, reaching dangerous conclusions can often seem inevitable. But even more than that, teens have begun to assume that they have a mental illness simply because of what they have heard or see common in their peers. Not only is self-diagnosis of diseases like depression extremely insulting to people who actually suffer chemical imbalances in their brain, but it can also be extremely dangerous for the person assuming in the following ways:

  1. When you self-diagnose, you assume that you are aware of the subtleties of the diagnosis or the disease. In this assumption, you may miss certain nuances that are vital to the diagnosis. For example, a person with a messed up sleep schedule may assume that they have insomnia or a sleep disorder. A person that likes to keep things neat and tidy or has certain neuroses…

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13 thoughts on “The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

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