“It’s Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world!’

‘Quite right! You recognized it, I suppose, by its distinctive mother-of – pearl sheen’

“And the steam rising in characteristic spirals,’said Hermione enthusiastically, ‘and it’s supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and I can smell freshly mown grass and new parchment and-‘ 

But she turned slightly pink and did not complete the sentence”

-The Half Blood Prince 

Here’s what I smell:

pages scribbled with trigonometry

chipped blue nail polish- just a little bit scratched

metal polish



old books

the salty scent you get from sea water/sand. balloons

fluorescent colours- the right ones that blind your eyes

the smell of origami paper

candle smoke

full marks

not too flashy lockscreens


paper-bits and pieces and thrown,color coordinated, flung aside, the ones plastered on Finch’s wall, clustered with unreadable quotes from yesteryear victories, hap(hazard)ed, lying beneath my bed, book, body




hydrated copper sulphate blue.


“I’m radioactive, radioactive
whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh”


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