Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve started working
as the Contribution Seeker of Trouvaille Journal, an international
online literary magazine for poets all over the world. Please head
over to this absolutely wonderful place, and submit your best work!!
(This is one of the published poems on Trouvaille)

The Trouvaille Journal

About The Poet

Ashwath Narayanan is a 17 year old writer from Pune. Student by profession and author by heart, Ashwath loves rainbows, gummy bears and binge watching spoken word poets. Someone who recently discovered spoken word poetry, Ashwath realized that most poetry he wrote was suited to be voiced out. Ashwath believes in the power words can hold over people, and hopes to move mountains with his words.


i. anger.
red blood-clouded vessels, bloated arteries, fist pumps.
eyes like burning coals, a volcano of molten emotion.
a clawed beast screeching in agony,
raking its nails like chalk on board.
ii. pain.
masks for an inner turmoil, a slow heartbeat, eyes closing.
tiny daggers of ice on the spine, smiles that hide shattered teeth.
unheard screams, shouts for help, shadows calling out,
the first leaf floating down in fall.
iii. happiness.
a come-and- go, like the tides of…

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