h for r

Dark boots stomping on those crunching leaves, your brown eyes lift from the crossroad of our days, bejewelled with the light of a thousand universes,. Waking vague delight in the soul of the dirt you pass, you travel keeping hold of a heart full of zigzagged places that are composed of lyrics of your lullabies that lull insanity. With a sharp laughter, you sidestep me, again, as the light enters you again through your cracks and crevices, illuminating you in the halo of the riot you are. Resting your smile crinkles on the point of my dull humour, you pull me away from the cavern of consciousness and stumble with me over half stale hours of monotony, over words that break our mouths into moments of truth, and into music that makes me want to lose myself in the guiltless depth of your love. God bless me, for you picked me up and caressed my head with a touch that made me feel alive. The fragrance of your ways, that make the flowers blush with serenity claim again and again, as I do, that you are the rage of rivulets so blue, that you’re the breath of the bird that flies high, that you are the secret of the sky, that seeks you.


10 thoughts on “h for r

  1. Paridhi, I’m blown. Your writings transcends insane imagination, and picturization, specially the last lines.
    And all these beautiful lines dedicated to mehak! Shes so lucky to have someone to write about her like this. XO ❤


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